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Why is the application fee, $495 and the exam $2100?

The cost of developing and administering the exam as well as sustaining the organization over the decade of the certification period was taken into account when the board established the fees for our exam. When considering that the certification is good for 10 years that averages out to a little over $200 per year.

For a point of reference the certifying exam in Dermatology is $2200 and in Radiology is $2900. The board felt that the ABVLM fees were within mid-range when compared to other board certification exam programs.

The investment in certification demonstrates to the medical community and the public at large that the physicians who pass the exam are knowledgeable in the field and are committed to a high standard of medical care.

The fees are set at a level intended to support all the administrative functions necessary to administer the Board Certification Exam. These functions include the review and processing of all applications, confirmation and follow through for all complete and incomplete applicants, the creation of all Board Certification materials, the development and maintenance of the Certification website, and more. Venus & Lymphatic Medicine is a developing specialty supported by a smaller number of physicians than some other specialties. The Certification Exam is an excellent start to expanding this group by bringing recognition both to the field of venous & lymphatic medicine and those providers in the field who have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide quality care to vein patients.

There is also an annual Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Fee of $175/year to cover the costs of verification requests, checking CME data for each diplomate, and the administration of the billing and tracking databases.

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