Recertification Exam

The ABVLM Board of Directors met in early August 2016 and discussed the 10-year Recertification Process. There has been a great deal of discussion within several ABMS Boards regarding the future of their own decennial high-stake exams.

The ABVLM Board reviewed recent activity, especially with respect to the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) and the American Board of Radiology (ABR), who are both moving away from a 4-hour, every-10-year exam in lieu of an ongoing educational process for their diplomates to maintain their board certification.

The ABA has developed their MOCA Minute™ process, whereby ABA diplomates review multiple choice questions on a periodic basis, get immediate feedback on their answers, and are provided with both a rationale for the answer and links to additional resources should the diplomate want to learn more on that topic.

The ABVLM now is modeling our 10-year recertification program after the ABA’s program. Therefore, in lieu of a 4-hour exam at a test center, we intend to have no recertification exam for diplomates who are current on their Maintenance of Certification (MOC), but rather we will have MOC longitudinal assessment questions delivered to diplomates for them to answer.

This process is in active development, and we intend to have a small pilot program running in 2017 to beta test the software and question delivery mechanisms. The ABVLM program will be similar to but not identical to the program the ABA has rolled out. We anticipate that we will start the program in January 2018 for all diplomates.

More details will be forthcoming.

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