Dispute Resolution

The Executive Officers of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine has the sole authority to determine the eligibility of a candidate to sit for the examination, to determine whether a candidate passed the examination, to issue a candidate a certificate or revoke or take any other action with respect to a certificate issued by the ABVLM.

A candidate or diplomate who has received an adverse ruling from the Executive Officers of the Board or any Committee of the ABVLM may appeal such determination to the Full Board of Directors by mailing a notice of appeal by registered mail within 60 days of the postmark date on which such determination was mailed.

On appeal, the candidate or diplomate may submit a statement and any documents in support of the appeal.

Upon receipt of an appeal, the Full Board of Directors will review the appeal at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The candidate will be notified by certified mail of the Board's decision and the reasons for it within 45 days following the meeting at which the appeal is considered. The decision of the Full ABVLM Board shall be final and binding on both the candidate and ABVLM.

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