Historical Pass Rates

The certification exam has been administered annually since 2008, with an average pass rate of 86% (range: 74%-94%). Of the 892 who have sat for the exam, 766 physicians have passed.*

The level of performance required for passing should depend on the knowledge necessary for acceptable performance. The ABVLM utilizes a method called test equating, so that candidates are measured against the same standard regardless of which year the exam was taken.

By accounting for differences in test difficulty from year to year, all candidates have a comparable opportunity to pass the examination, regardless of which year they take it.

*Note: In 2014, the Board introduced a Board Eligible pathway, whereby candidates could sit for the exam without having submitted a Case Log. Those who pass are considered Board Eligible. Diplomate status is awarded when a Case Log is submitted within the following two exam cycles.

Currently, there are 717 Diplomates and 13 Board Eligible physicians.