Exam Content Outline

The Exam Outline details the general exam content areas and percentage of questions allocated to each topic area. In preparing for the exam, this outline is an excellent guide for determining how much emphasis is placed on each subject.

We recommend reviewing the outline carefully and preparing accordingly. You can focus on content areas where you may wish to emphasize your preparation time.

(Updated 11/8/2016)


Key References

The ABVLM has compiled a Key Reference document which lists key books, journal supplements, and journal articles in the field and from which some exam material is drawn. This may prove useful for candidates seeking supplemental study materials.

NOTE: The second link below with the free links (courtesy of Sage Publishing) is password-protected and for the use of paid applicants for the certification exam. The password for the file can also be obtained via an email request to

(Updated November 2015)


DOWNLOAD KEY REFERENCES (with free links to Phlebology and JVS articles). See above for password information.

Access to ABVLM Online Learning & Assessment Module

Exam candidates are provided limited and specific access to the ABVLM's Online Learning & Assessment (OLA) tool. Once registered for the certification process, candidates are given online access to 68 exam-style items that have been retired from former certification exams.

Each of the multiple choice items is phrased in an exam-style format, candidates are provided immediate feedback, and they can review all past answers. Each question is also accompanied by an explanation of the answer, as well at one or more references for additional learning.

Practice Exam

Updated in the 2016 Exam Cycle, the ABVLM publishes a 38-question Practice Exam to assist in your review. These questions were used on prior years' exams and are now "retired" to use on this practice exam. Some questions require an internet connection to view images.

(Updated 2/2/2016)


Venous & Lymphatic Medicine Review Course June 22, 2024

Expand your knowledge of venous and lymphatic disease through this comprehensive lecture series. Experienced faculty will review the essentials of venous and lymphatic disease and its care. In addition to providing a well-founded base knowledge of the field, the course also prepares participants to sit for the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABLVM) certification examination.

More info is on the AVLS' website LINKED HERE/

American Venous Forum Early Career Course Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Is Now Open! Regular registration opens June 17, 2024.

2024 Venous Early Career Course in Chicago, Illinois, October 4-5!

Scholarships We are pleased to announce a generous scholarship opportunity for some physician and Associate members of AVF. Full scholarships provide a $500 travel stipend, two-night hotel stay, meeting-related food/beverage and registration fee. Scholarship availability is as follows:

oPhysicians in Training Members (Residents & Fellows)- 30 scholarships oInternational Members - 5 scholarships oAssociate Members (Non-physician) - 5 scholarships

Registrants who submit their application before July 1, 2024 will be considered for a scholarship based upon the order in which the application is received. All applications will be reviewed and scored by members of the AVF Early Career Committee.

If awarded, scholarship recipients who choose to attend will be required to register and provide a $250.00 deposit which will be returned to attendees on-site at the course.

Course and Scholarship information can be found on the website LINKED HERE/

Online Review Course*

In past years, the American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS) offered an Online VLM Review Course.* This is a link to one of their digitized courses from 2021 with lectures and other materials. Members of the AVLS obtain a course price discount.

AVLS Venous & Lymphatic Medicine Review Course On-Demand (Non-CME)

For more details on AVLS educational programs, please contact Joyce King, Director of Continuing Medical Education at AVLS.

Computer-Based Testing Software Tutorial

Pearson VUE (PV), our third-party test administrator, has a generic, browser-based tutorial on how to use their testing system. If you wish to review the mechanics of a how a test is presented ahead of the exam day, please link to: Pearson VUE Demo Test.

NOTE: The PV Tutorial presents 14 different styles or formats of questions. The ABVLM uses only Type 1 - Multiple Choice Items, with or without images and/or videos. We do not utilize any other format or style of question. The "Navigation" and "Review" functions are the same in the ABVLM exam as in the PV tutorial.

What To Expect On Exam Day

In addition to the above materials, an understanding of what to expect on exam day may help the examination process move smoothly.


In addition to the above, please review the Format page for more information about the format of the exam, its duration, and how breaks are handled. The exam can also be proctored remotely using the OnVUE system, as explained on the Format page.

* Special Notice:

The American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine neither administers nor endorses review courses for ABVLM examinations. Participation in review courses does not ensure successful completion of the certification exam. Materials listed on this page are for the convenience for candidates and are to be utilized at their own discretion.

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