OLA Program

All ABVLM Diplomates, as part of ABVLM's Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program, are required to complete a series of items presented via the ABVLM Online Learning & Assessment (OLA) platform annually. Items are released quarterly.

Starting in 2024, diplomates who meet minimum OLA standards (as explained below) may be eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 CME. For some ABMS Boards, this activity may also qualify for "Self-Assessment" activity as part of the other board's MOC Program - Part 2.

Actions Required to Complete Annual OLA Requirements

Step 1: Log into the OLA System using the email associated with your OLA account.

Note: the passwords on the OLA System and Diplomate Portal (a.k.a. Certemy) can and may be different from each other.

Step 2: Complete all assigned items, 10 assigned quarterly with email reminders.

Any items you answer incorrectly or skip in the first three quarters of the year will be presented to you the following quarter.

2024 OLA Item Quarterly Release & Deadline Schedule

Q1 2024: 1/16/24 - 4/1/24
Q2 2024: 4/2/2024 - 7/1/24
Q3 2024: 7/2/24 - 9/30/24
Q4 2024: 10/1/24 - 1/7/25

Correct Email Address on file is critical

All diplomates are provided annually the opportunity to update their Contact Information via their Annual MOC billing. Please review and verify your email then. If your email changes mid-year, please contact staff.

The bulk of OLA program information is disseminated via email, as are the OLA item reminders.

Note that for your administrative convenience, your "OLA Email Address" and your "Diplomate Portal Email Address" can be different from each other. If you wish to have two different email addresses for these two platforms, please contact staff.

Is the OLA a "graded" activity?

The Board is looking into psychometric models for scoring the OLA items. At the present time, diplomates will be graded based on participation ("participation maintains your certificate"), which may change in the future.

What if I don't respond or participate?

We anticipate that even the busiest of physicians can commit a small amount of time per quarter to maintain their ongoing VLM certification, especially due to the valuable learning opportunity. Additionally the OLA Program is in lieu of a study time-intensive and costly 10-year recertification exam.

However, diplomates who are delinquent on the OLA Program will be reminded, and if they remain non-compliant their status will be downgraded to Not In Good Standing, they will be reported externally to verification agencies as "not participating in Maintenance of Certification (MOC)," and they risk non-renewal of their certification at the end of their current certification cycle.


If you need assistance accessing the OLA system or have any questions about the program, please contact staff.

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