Suspension, Revocation, Expiration of Certificate

Each certificate is subject to revocation or suspension in the event that:

  1. The diplomate was not eligible to receive the certificate, whether or not the facts concerning ineligibility were known to the Board when the certificate was issued;
  2. The diplomate made any material misrepresentation or omission in the application for certification or in any other statement to the Board or has failed provide timely information with respect to criminal conduct, loss or suspension of a medical license, medical staff privileges, or medical society membership;
  3. The diplomate is convicted of, or pleads nolo contendere to a crime, which in the judgment of the Board relates to the practice of medicine;
  4. The diplomate is found by the Board to have (a) engaged in irregular behavior in connection with the examination, (b) had a license to practice medicine revoked or suspended, (c) been expelled from a medical society for reasons other than non-payment of dues or failure to attend meetings, (d) had medical staff privileges revoked or suspended for reasons relating to the practice of medicine, (e) taken other action reasonably deemed by the Board to be inconsistent with diplomate status, or (f) materially violated any rule or policy of the Board.

Once the certificate has been suspended, revoked or expires, the physician may not represent himself/herself to the profession or the public as being certified until successfully recertified by the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. The Board may be required and, in any event, reserves the right to report revocation of a diplomate's certificate to accrediting, credentialing and licensing bodies and government agencies.

The physician may reapply for a future recertification examination, but must meet all the criteria in effect at that time. A physician whose certification has been revoked may apply for reinstatement as a diplomate when the physician believes that the circumstances underlying the Board's action have been satisfactorily resolved. The physician shall apply by providing a written statement providing the changes in circumstances. The Board shall consider such statement and determine whether to reinstate the physician's certification.

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