Retired Diplomates

The following physicians were certified by the ABVLM and have since retired from the practice of medicine. Their certifications were retired in good standing. We acknowledge and appreciate their support and leadership in the field.

Last Name A-I Last Name J-Q Last Name R-Z
Amala MD, Bruce
Baines MD, Steven
Chandra MD, Silla
Agostini MD, Juan
Altschuler III MD, Mark
Anderson MD, Dennis
Asplund MD, Mark
Bailey MD, Shelby
Baron MD, Norman
Barr MD, James
Basile MD, Richard
Belsom MD, William
Bernard MD, Renald
Bressman MD, Paul
Brito MD, Tracy
Buzzas MD, George
Campbell MD, James
Calcagno MD, David
Coates MD, Griffin
Coulomb MD, Glen
Cushing MD, Robert
Daake MD, John
Douglass MD, Andrew
DuPriest MD, Robert
Dupuis MD, Jean-Luc
Eaton MD, Thomas
Edmonson MD, George
Elmore MD, Frederick
Ferrier MD, Frank
Fronek MD, Helane
Frusha MD, John
Gariti MD, James
Gould MD,Charles
Gradman MD, Wayne
Gray MD, Captain
Greenberg MD, Sanford
Hansen MD, Robert
Hebert MD, Claude
Henrich MD, Carter
Hoyle MD, Bruce
Humphrey MD, Roger
Hurley MD, Timothy
Ingram MD, James
Isaacs MD, Mark
Isobe MD, James
Newman DO, Paul
Ossowoski MD, Ledwik
Pounds MD, Lori
Jones MD, Christopher
Jost MD, Gary
Kabnick MD, Lowell
Kanehann MD, Susan
Kanter Jr. MD, Alan
Krensavage DO, Thaddeus
Lanes MD, Sholomo
MacMillan MD, David
Martin MD, Derrick
Mauriello MD, John
Morrison MD, Nick
Muasher MD, Issa
Mueller MD, Lawrence
Muench MD, Alan
Murray MD, Roger
Ness MD, Andrew
Neuman MD, Joel
Nicholas MD, Judd
Nordestgaard MD, Aksel
Olivencia Jr. MD, Jose
Orcutt Jr. MD, Michael
Owens MD, Richard
Plaza-Ponte MD, Mario
Porter MD, David
Primepares MD, Pal
Procter MD, Charles

Rausch MD, Theodore
Stephenson MD, Paula
Ravi MD, Rajagopalan
Reeder MD, Steven
Reese DO, Robert
Reynolds MD, R. Neal
Robelen MD, James
Roberts MD, Pamela
Rogers MD, Charles
Rosenfeld MD, Richard
Rough MD, William
Roupenian Sr. MD, Armen
Russell DO, Benjamin
Russell MD, Joseph
Ryan MD, Timothy
Sanders MD, William
Shah MD, Pravin
Smith MD, Douglas
Smith MD, Joseph
Smith DO, Martin
Strub MD, Charles
Taylor MD, Roy
Teter MD, Donald
Todd MD, Kenneth
Tolentino MD, Corito
Train MD, Henry
Traurig MD, Michael
Uchino MD, Itsuro
Vanderpool MD, David
Walrath MD, David
West MD, Phillip
Whiddon MD, Lonnie
Whiting MD, John
Williams MD, Gregory
Zimmet MD, Steven

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