Education Committee

  • Teresa Carman, MD, Chair
  • Gary Dworkin, MD
  • Sanjoy Kundu, MD
  • Marie Gerhard-Herman, MD
  • Girish Munavalli, MD
  • Ito Weinberg, MD

Executive Committee

  • Steven Zimmet, President
  • Robert Min, Vice-President
  • Anthony Comerota, Treasurer

Fellowship Accreditation & Oversight Committee

  • Mark Meissner, MD, Chair
  • Riyaz Bashir, MD
  • Carl Black, MD
  • Teresa Carman, MD
  • Yung-Wei "Willie" Chi, MD
  • Margaret Mann, MD
  • Julie Stoughton, MD

Fellowship Development Committee

  • Steve Zimmet, MD, Chair
  • Dawn Coleman, MD
  • Anthony Comerota, MD
  • Antonios Gasparis, MD
  • Neil Khilnani, MD
  • Fedor Lurie, MD
  • Robert Min, MD
  • Vineet Mishra, MD
  • Suman Rathbun, MD

Item Writing Committee

For reasons of confidentiality and overall exam security, committee members names are not published. Nonetheless, we thank them for their ongoing service.

Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Lisa Amatangelo, MD, Chair
  • Emily Cummings, MD
  • Robert Min, MD