All initial certification fees of $1190 are remitted when completing the online application. The Application Fee of $195 is non-refundable. The Certification Process Fee of $995 is fully refundable if the applicant found not qualified to engage in the process.

NOTE: If the applicant withdraws from the process after submitting their fees, the $995 less a $100 Cancellation/Withdrawal Fee is refundable.

ABVLM accepts MasterCard, VISA, and American Express credit cards for payments. The full schedule of fees follows:

Fee Type or Description Amount
Application Fee (non-refundable, one-time ever) $195
Certification Exam Fee (partially or fully refundable, see Footnotes) $995
Additional Fees that may apply:
Informed Cancellation or Withdrawal* $100
Failure to Cancel a scheduled Pearson VUE Exam** $250
Re-score Request $100
* If an applicant informs ABVLM that they wish to cancel or withdraw their application for the current year's cycle after submission of their full application and payment, they will be assessed $100.

Further, if they have already scheduled a seat with Pearson VUE (virtual or in-person), they must also cancel that reservation directly with Pearson VUE (or be subject to the Failure to Cancel fee.)
** If an applicant fails to appear for a scheduled Pearson VUE exam date (virtual or in-person) with no former cancellation notice TO PEARSON VUE, they will be assessed $250. (I.e., cancellations of scheduled exams must be made to both ABVLM and Pearson VUE.)

For additional details on cancellations and failure to appear, please view the Cancellation Policy page.

No funds are "rolled over" from year-to-year. If an applicant does not complete the process in the current year, any relevant above fees will be assessed and the remaining account balance will be refunded to the original credit card used for payment.

For security and accounting reasons, the ABVLM does not accept credit card payments by phone. Payments are only accepted via the online portal.

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