Candidate FAQs

Exam Information

  1. How was the exam developed?
  2. How is the exam performance evaluated?
  3. How is a passing score determined?

Application Information

  1. Why is the application fee, $495 and the exam $2100?

Examination Prerequisites

Experience and Training

  1. Do I have to provide two separate logs?
  2. How should I fill out the case log to make sure that I have listed 200 vein treatment cases and 100 Ultrasound diagnostic experiences?
  3. Can I list a right leg case and a left leg case on different lines?
  4. My log tends to have only one or two procedure categories, not all of them. Is this okay?

Ultrasound Requirements

  1. I have an RVT certification. Do I need to list any diagnostic ultrasounds?
  2. Will ultrasound cases need pictures?
  3. If a patient has a diagnostic ultrasound prior (several days, weeks, etc.) to their procedure, should the diagnostic and procedure be listed on separate lines?
  4. What is the procedure category code for a diagnostic ultrasound?

CME Requirements

  1. I have taught several hours of CME qualified sessions. Can I use that?
  2. When I submit my CMEs earned, may I use credits from outside AVLS? If so, how may I submit that?
  3. Can RVT and/or Ultrasound CMEs count toward the 45 CME credit hour requirement? Or do they have to be specifically VLM CMEs?

Professional Standing

  1. I have had a disciplinary suspension that was resolved quickly. Are there circumstances that will prevent me from qualifying?

General Questions

  1. How may I find a test center for the ABVLM exam?
  2. Is an online application currently available?
  3. Where is the reference form?
  4. May international physicians take the Certification exam?
  5. What is an allopathic/osteopathic degree?
  6. I am an existing ABVLM Diplomate. Are there specific instructions on how I can log into the Diplomate Only area and review/update my demographic or MOC information?

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