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MOC Program Requirements, including CME Requirements

In October 2011, the ABVLM announced requirements of its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. They were initially outlined in the ABVLMNews and sent via hardcopy to all diplomates.

In November 2015, the board retroactively removed from the MOC program all requirements for the Self-Assessment Module (SAM) portion of the program.

In 2018 due to the elimination of an "every-ten-year exam" requirement, the board changed the 3-year triennial period for CME reporting to an easier 2-year biennial reporting structure. The requirement of earning (on average) 10 VLM-related CME credits per year was kept exactly the same. A CME Reporting Period Transition Chart was supplied to all diplomates.

In 2022, the Board changed CME reporting to an attestation-based process. Diplomates who are unable to attest to earning the minimum required CME due to an "education gap" should contact the HQ Office for instructions.

At the present time, these are the ABVLM MOC Requirements:

  1. Continuing Medical Education (CME) in VLM
    Diplomates must attest via the ABVLM Diplomate Portal to have earned a minimum of 20 CME hours in the appropriate 2-year cycle. Of those hours, a minimum of 17 must be VLM-related (with optionally up to 3 hours of non-clinical CME such as Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Billing, etc.).

    Also, no more than 5 hours annually of CME can be AMA Category 2 CME. Time spent on OLA items qualifies for Type 2 CME, and may qualify for Type 1 CME if the diplomate applies for it and meets passing criteria. See the OLA Program page for details.

    The total hours requirement changed in 2018 from 30 hours every 3 years to 20 hours every 2 years. Please see the Transition Chart for specific requirement by diplomate year.

    Step-by-step information, both a PDF and a short video, on How to Complete the CME Attestation Process in Certemy is linked below in the CME Reporting section. There is no data transfer from any educational programs to the ABVLM. Please attest to your own CME earning.

  2. Participation in ABVLM's Online Learning & Assessment (OLA) Program
    Participation in OLA is mandatory and is in lieu of sitting for an every 10 year recertification exam. (There is NO recertification exam by ABVLM.)

    The OLA program commenced in August of 2018, and all diplomates (with the exception of the most recent set of diplomates whose OLA items commence in January following their certification) should be receiving a reminder email at least 3x per quarter regarding completion of 10 items per quarter. These emails originate from NO-REPLY@STARTTEST.COM. Please contact us if you are not receiving these emails.

    The OLA items are not scored, as it is primarily a learning activity. We hope you will learn from the program, especially in areas that impact your clinical practice. Scoring may change in the future. Time spent on OLA items may qualify for AMA Category 2 CME.

  3. Remittance of an Annual MOC Fee
    There is a maintenance of certification fee, currently $425/year, assessed annually. To avoid any late fee penalty, the fee must be paid no later than March 31 annually. Diplomates are notified of the initial billing via email and sent several email reminders of the MOC fee through the end of March. Diplomates are asked to review their contact information during their annual MOC fee remittance process.

    Step-by-step information, both a PDF and a short video, on How to Make you Annual MOC Payment Online is linked below in the MOC Fee Payment section.

    Receipts for all online credit card payments are found in your Digital Wallet accessible from the top of the screen in your secure Diplomate Area. Your cancelled check is your receipt for a check payment. If you need additional documentation, please contact the headquarters office.

For the policy on what is recognized as CME by the ABVLM, please see Recognition of CME Credits. CME education claimed for Maintenance of Certification should be in the area of venous and lymphatic medicine (however, up to 3 hours of the 20 biennial hours can be general, non-specialty specific CME such as: Patient Safety, Risk Management, Patient Communications, etc.).

Login, CME Reporting, and MOC Fee Payment Info

The following linked PDFs have information on Maintenance of Certification (MOC) reporting, including screen shots of how to Login to the website, update your profile or add locations, attest to earning CMEs, and pay the annual MOC fee.

The following linked VIDEOs have information on Maintenance of Certification (MOC) reporting regarding (1) how to attest to earning CMEs, and (2) how to complete the two steps in the Annual MOC Fee payment process.

Two-minute video on How To Attest to CME:

Three-minute video on How To Update Your Profile, and the two steps on How to Record your MOC Fee Payment:

*Note: Profile updates can take up to 30 days to cycle from your Online Profile Data to the Find a Physician pages.

Selected listing of CME Activities in VLM

Listed below are several "live meeting" opportunities throughout the year, as well as some online activities. The meetings are generally accredited for 20-35 CME credits, however, please check with the organizers regarding awarding of CME.

In addition to the above resources, portions of other CME-accredited activities can be applied toward VLM CME. For example, a symposium on superficial venous disease within a broader meeting, say, related to cardiology, surgery, family medicine, etc. could apply.

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