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To begin searching for a Certified Vein Specialist, you must specify at least one of the search criteria in the Physician Search box on the right and then click the "Search Now" button. Please note that you do not need to use all of the search options.

  • Select a Country
  • Optional Selections:
    • Select a State/Province (useful)
    • Type in a City (note: spelling must be exact, and this does not do a regional search)
    • Enter a full or partial US ZIP Code or Canadian Postal Code (possibly useful)
    • Useful: For US ZIP Codes only and a "distance search," enter a ZIP Code and select a Travel Distance (make sure City field is empty)
    • Enter a Doctor's Last Name, full or partial (possibly useful)

You may also use any combination of the above options, and it will combine the search options. For example, when selecting the State "California" and entering only the letter "S" for the Doctor's Last name, clicking the "Search Now" button will return only the Certified Vein Specialists that are located in California and have a last name starting with the letter "S."

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